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Our aim is to offer top quality leathers.

Our skins of lamb, goat and mutton come from certified and safe breeding, in compliance with European and international standards. After a first selection, the skins are processed by high-quality tanners, skilled and certified with the best standards both for traceability that for quality.

Our skilled workers take part in every stage of processing, meticulously checking every skin and every treatment. Our goal is to create a product that can be positioned at the high end of the market and for the leather goods, footwear and clothing industries.

The specificity of our products for quality, style, innovation and service allow us to meet the liking of the major luxury brands.


Chrome tanning

Chrome tanning is the most used and widespread type of tanning.

Leather processing is carried out using trivalent chromium.

After processing, the skin is also called Wet-Blue because the hides take on a light blue color.

This processing is particularly suitable for products intended for clothing, shoes, small leather goods as it makes the leather very soft but also resistant to wear and waterproof to water (if required by the customer).


Vegetable tanning

Vegetable tanning is the oldest form of tanning in the world.

The processing of the skins is made using raw substances readily available in nature such as tannic substances, ie obtained from tannins contained in the bark, in the leaves and in the fruits of the trees.

The vegetable tanned leather is embellished with wear and the passage of time.

This process is suitable for particularly sports products such as stone washed or other clothing items.


Metal Free

The metal free tanning is a processing with recent origins.

Thanks to the “non-use” of thinking metals during the processing phases, it is a process that writes “the eye to the environment”.

The product with tanned power is a polymer that binds to the fibers of the skin, making it conservable over time, and is also indicated in the case of requests for particularly bright and brilliant colors.

The final item is a soft, resistant, round skin with anallergic properties.

This processing is particularly suitable for products such as clothing, footwear, small leather goods and products for children.


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