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Leather is a natural material, subject to wear and deterioration over time.

In order to guarantee an excellent and quality product, tanned leather must pass the main conventional chemical-physical tests:

  • rubbing resistance (dry, wet and sweat)
  • resistance to exposure of a light source
  • migration resistance of PVC color
  • water resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • repeated flexural strength
  • tensile strength

Furthermore, all our products meet the most important certifications of current European standards such as:



Our products are all certified and meet the parameters of international certifications and comply with the new regulations for environmental protection and eco-sustainable. The company has within it a specific area dedicated to the realization of basic “physical” tests that constantly performs on all its products before delivery to the final customer. The Pagni Tannery uses certified laboratories for the “chemical-physical specific” tests requested by the client on customized products.


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